Workers' Compensation Practice for Paralegals

by Lynne J. DeVenny, J. Griffin Morgan

Tags: Law/Paralegal Studies, Paralegal, Workers' Compensation

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Workers' Compensation Practice for Paralegals is a textbook and practice guide for paralegals and other legal professionals who work in the area of workers' compensation law. The book addresses practical tasks associated with the law office management of workers' compensation cases, including an overview of workers' compensation law, determining compensable claims, evaluating and accepting cases, reviewing and summarizing medical records, investigating claims, obtaining evidence, drafting pleadings and preparing for mediations and hearings. More complex tasks, such as handling catastrophic injuries and death claims, Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements, third party claims and bankrupt defendants, are also discussed. Each chapter includes practice tips to help paralegals become proficient in the practice of workers' compensation law, as well as references to find the most up-to-date information regarding various aspects of workers' compensation practice. Sample documents are included to illustrate the kinds of documents paralegals may draft in a typical private law practice.

Workers' Compensation Practice for Paralegals is unique because it is written specifically for paralegals by an attorney/paralegal team with a combination of over thirty years of practice in workers' compensation law. In addition, both authors have experience teaching law students and paralegals in college settings. Recognizing that there are excellent state-specific workers' compensation reference books for workers' compensation practitioners, this book is intended to guide and train paralegal students, paralegals and other legal professionals new to the practice of workers' compensation law. Straightforward and easy to read, it provides its readers with an overview of the essential skills necessary to perform substantive work on any workers' compensation case, as well as the tools to find the information they need to make a significant contribution to a workers' compensation practice, whether it be their own state-specific rules and forms, Medicare's current WCMSA requirements or medical references.

Workers' Compensation Practice for Paralegals is not just a primary workers' compensation text, but could also be used as a supplemental civil injuries text, due to the extensive discussion in the book of the relation of medical records to the key issues of causation, treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, permanent impairment, ability to work and future medical needs in any civil injury claim, including personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice and nursing home negligence. Several chapters in the book teach paralegals not only how to organize, review and summarize medical records, including sample summaries, but how the medical records relate to key evidence needed to evaluate and litigate civil injury claims in private law firms. The book is intended to teach paralegals how to conduct a substantive and meaningful review of medical evidence. Much of the information in this book, including preparing for mediations and hearings, is relevant not just to workers' compensation cases, but to any civil case involving bodily or personal injuries. The authors are hoping that educators and legal professionals will agree that this book is a good one to include in their desktop reference sections, especially if they plan to work or are already working in any area of civil injury law.

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Workers' Compensation for Paralegalsis an excellent, thorough and comprehensive resource for paralegals and administrative assistants in the workers' compensation field. This much needed resource provides excellent guidance and direction for both the novice as well as the expert. The volume is a very well organized, wide-ranging and a complete resource for administrative personnel involved with workers' compensation claims. In a legal arena of increasing complexity and sophistication the authors have taken complete subject matter and provided a simplified and understandable roadmap to handling compensation claims. This excellent resource should be on the desk of every workers' compensation paralegal."
— Jon L. Gelman, workers' compensation attorney and author of workers' compensation law books
Lynne is a savvy, forward-thinking paralegal author who has written one fantastic book on Workers' Compensation. Not only is the publication well written, it is done in such a way that non-legal professionals as well as legal professionals alike would benefit from the same. Lynne has been a paralegal working in Workers' Compensation for years and has the experience to back the content. Additionally, she is a polished legal professional who makes the Paralegal profession shine! Two thumbs WAY up to Lynne and this book!"
— Jeannie Johnston, Founder and CEO,

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