Florida Property Law, Volume 2

Conveyancing and Governmental Controls

by John Makdisi

Tags: Property/Community Property

Teacher's Manual available

542 pp

ISBN 978-1-59460-274-0

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Volume 2 complements Makdisi's Volume 1, which covers possession, estates, and tenancy.

Florida Property Law adds two innovative features to the traditional mode of teaching the basic property course — a learning-by-doing approach and a focus on the law of one jurisdiction. In order to provide students with a deliberative learning-by-doing approach, this book is designed to present a hypothetical problem in advance of class so that the student can prepare an answer on his own for later discussion and evaluation in class. Each problem in the book is designed to be solved by reading, analyzing and applying the cases and materials that accompany it. Speed of analysis is no longer a primary factor for success in the classroom. The problems are more complex than those presented ad hoc by the teacher in class, and emphasis is now placed on the student's proactive analytical abilities to solve issues on her own.