Contracts and Negotiating for the Businessperson

You and Your Lawyer

by Peter Siviglia

Tags: Business, Business, Contracts, Legal Writing

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ISBN 978-1-59460-276-4

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Contracts are the arteries through which business and commerce flow. Though the lawyer will generally draft the contract, the client's participation in creating and refining the contract is essential. Producing a proper contract is a team effort, requiring deliberate and effective collaboration between client and lawyer. Failure to produce a proper contract can, and often does, result in a clogged artery. And the surgical procedure to correct that condition—litigation—is both wasteful and expensive.

Written in a conversational, anecdotal style by an attorney with over forty years experience in crafting commercial transactions, Contracts and Negotiating for the Businessperson (You and Your Lawyer) explains the role and responsibility of the client, the importance of not abdicating that responsibility, and how to establish an effective team effort. It also suggests methods to contain legal fees, treats several common practices that the author finds questionable, and addresses some myths about the legal profession.

The book closes with some sound, sage and important advice on negotiating.