Cases and Materials on Coverage, Claims, and Litigation

by Barry Zalma

Tags: Business/Finance Law

868 pp $110.00

ISBN 978-1-59460-312-9

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Every civil lawyer should understand that a major part of their law firm's income comes, directly or indirectly, from insurance. Since insurance is so important to the funding of a successful civil law practice, it is imperative that lawyers have a basic understanding of the law of insurance. Similarly, prosecutors or criminal defense lawyers dealing with the crime of insurance fraud must understand the law of insurance to properly represent their clients.

The purpose of this book is to provide the law student, the practicing lawyer, the insurance lawyer, or professional claims personnel with the full text of insurance-related decisions of the United States Supreme Court, US District Courts of Appeal, State appellate courts and foreign courts that have molded the law that governs insurance transactions in the United States. Those who are new to the subject of insurance will find this book a resource and starting point for research. It can also be used as a basic training course for those who are just beginning in the practice of law, the claims business, or in representing insurers, representing those who are insured, or litigating against insurers.