California Claims Regulations

by Barry Zalma

Tags: Business, California

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ISBN 978-1-59460-315-0

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The state of California compels all who are even tangentially involved in the claims process to comply with and have training in the Fair Claims Practices Regulations (Regulations) and the Integral Anti-Fraud Personnel Regulations (SIU Regulations). It is necessary that those insurance agents and other persons who are engaged in any way in the presentation, processing or negotiation of insurance claims in the state of California be familiar with Regulations imposed by the state of California on all insurers doing business in the state.

This book and its appendices will enable insurers to effect compliance with the Regulations when training or assisting claims personnel in their obligations to read and understand the Regulations. The Appendices include an outline for an insurance company staff member, trainer, or lawyer to use in conducting a training class to all of the insurer's integral anti-fraud personnel. Zalma provides insurers and their staff the information needed to comply with California SIU Regulations and the tools to train others to do the same.