Speak Spanish Now for Medical Professionals

A Customized Learning Approach for Doctors, Nurses, Nursing and Medical Assistants

by Brian K. Jones

Tags: Community College, Medicine, Nursing, Nursing, Spanish

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ISBN 978-1-59460-318-1

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This text is designed to assist medical professionals to effectively and quickly communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. The approach teaches straightforward, oral communication with an emphasis on verbal skills that do not require the development of extensive listening abilities.

The focus is on one-way communication that does not demand learning grammar or written skills. Anticipated responses are included. However, even if the patient does not give the exact anticipated answer, this book teaches the medical professional how to recognize key words or phrases that will allow for continued meaningful conversation.

Upon successfully mastering the phrases of the text, the learner will be able to attend to the common needs of patients they encounter on a daily basis, explain to them routine procedures, ascertain patient information and interact with patients in a culturally sensitive manner to which they are accustomed.

Includes a CD with phrases spoken in English and Spanish as well as a Teacher's Activity Guide.

PowerPoint slides available upon adoption. To view sample slides from the full 5,166-slide presentation, click here. Email bhall@cap-press.com for more information.

"This is an excellent, thorough way to learn Spanish for medical professionals." — Christina Knight, RN, CEN, Mid-Atlantic Consulting


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