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As Certain as Death

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As Certain as Death: A Fifty-State Survey of State and Local Tax Laws

As Certain as Death

A Fifty-State Survey of State and Local Tax Laws

$63.00 602 pp paper

Tags: Taxation

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As Certain as Death surveys the most important details of income, property, general and selective sales, corporate income, and other tax laws for each of the fifty states. The book also discusses how the tax burden is allocated among the poor, middle classes, and wealthy. It provides a picture of each state’s tax and revenue sources, public school funding, and other characteristics, including population, race, religious affiliation, family income and poverty statistics, and major industries. In addition to providing a reasonable level of detail that reveals the state's strengths and weaknesses, the five categories presenting these details foster meaningful comparisons between the states. This book is an important tool for evaluating state policies from a fairness perspective; it will also be helpful to educators and others in both private and government sectors who are interested in business, investment, multi-jurisdictional, and education issues, as well as geographical trends addressing population, race, religion, and poverty.

“A valuable and unique resource… The picture of each state's revenue and tax sources, public education statistics, and tax burden analysis provides a useful compilation of readily comparable information that many government officials, educators, policy wonks, students, and industrial recruiters may find particularly useful in their areas of interest.” — State Tax Notes, January 2008

“Hamill has written a great book.  No matter what your religious beliefs, you should read her work if you're the least bit interested in tax justice.” — State Tax Notes, February 2008

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