Healthy Cities

The Intersection of Urban Planning, Law and Health

by James A. Kushner

Tags: Land Use Planning

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ISBN 978-1-59460-335-8

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Healthy Cities looks at the design of communities in the United States as mandated by law and how that design affects the delivery and cost of health care. This book recommends modifications to reduce health care costs, assure an adequate health infrastructure, and increase disease and trauma prevention through improved urban planning mechanisms. Healthy Cities is the first book in the fields of public health and urban planning to explore legal mechanisms to integrate health and urban design policy. American urban design contributes to obesity, air pollution, and traffic congestion. Imagine if our communities were designed for health, fitness, and convenience. Can housing and neighborhoods be designed for pleasant walks and car-free living? Can streets be tree-lined and attractive? Can pedestrians enjoy their surroundings and experience rather than being sandwiched between traffic and parking lots?

"One of the strengths of the book is the extensive footnotes and the Table of Authorities at the end. If the reader has the patience to review the references, he or she will find a wealth of information both in print and on-line." — Law & Politics Book Review