Cheerleading and the Law

Risk Management Strategies

by Herb Appenzeller, Frederick O. Mueller, Elizabeth H. Appenzeller

Tags: Risk Management, Sports, Sports Law

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ISBN 978-1-59460-342-6

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The emergence of sport risk management, which includes the popular activity of cheerleading, is timely and important in reducing injuries and subsequent lawsuits. A risk management plan for cheerleading is needed to meet the unprecedented growth of the sport to reduce the number of injuries and subsequent lawsuits that often follow serious injuries. The purpose of Cheerleading and the Law is to provide important guidelines in developing risk management plans with risk management strategies to create a safe environment for cheerleaders on every level. The need for such a book is evident, and the authors hope to fill a void that exists today in the ever-growing activity of cheerleading.

"Without question, this book should be required reading for every athletic and school administrator, every cheer coach, every gym owner, every event producer, every parent of a cheerleader, and every company in the spirit industry . . . Cheerleading and the Law may well be one of the most important books written for the spirit industry." — Gwen Holtsclaw, Cheer Ltd. Inc. President/CEO

"With some of the stunts that cheerleaders are doing today, this book is really needed. There are far too many accidents and serious injuries inflicted upon cheerleaders." — Ron Wellman, Wake Forest University Athletic Director

"This book should be available for all coaches and administrators responsible for cheerleading." — John Foley, IAA Magazine