Own It

The Law & Business Guide™ to Launching a New Business through Innovation, Exclusivity and Relevance

by Jon M. Garon

Tags: Business, Intellectual Property

Table of Contents (PDF)

408 pp  $40.00

ISBN 978-1-59460-391-4

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Own It provides the entrepreneur hands-on examples and explanations of how to build long-lasting value for the business through the use of trademarks, copyright, patents and other legal techniques.

Each chapter provides a roadmap to the mysterious but critical relationships between intellectual property and innovation. It offers advice on maximizing the opportunities for financing, planning, and competing in the e-commerce economy using common sense and the successful strategies of world-renown companies.

The book first focuses on the legal and business attributes of exclusivity and relevance to highlight how bust to build market share and maximize profitability. Chapters on relevance and innovation focus on how to identify the opportunities for changes in processes and markets. It contrasts market relevance from social relevance, explaining the strategies of creating and marketing must-have products. Using simple descriptions and numerous examples, the book explains how intellectual property assets can improve customer satisfaction and maximize profits.

Because the relationship between entrepreneur and investor is critical to success, the book shows how to align the interests of investors and employees with the entrepreneur. Together with nuts-and-bolts information of the start-up phase of business, this book provides the keys to building an economically stable business and a secure financial future.

The Intellectual Property Reference Guide carefully explains patent, copyright, trademark, publicity rights and similar tools in the language of the start-up business. The reference guide illustrates how to use intellectual property to reduce competition and increase profitability. By focusing on business entrepreneurs, the reference guide emphasizes what the business leader needs to know.

Better than a get rich quick scheme, Own It provides the manual for making start-up business profitable, stable and built to last.

"Garon has presented a concise, understandable description of the issues to be considered when launching a new business venture. His book makes compelling reading for both the budding entrepreneur as well as the owner of an established business."
Ken Woodrow, Vice President, Target Corporation (ret'd).

"Wow, I loved this manuscript! Where was this book when I was landing my first company? Better yet, this book would have saved me millions of dollars if it had been included in my MBA program. This is a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach toward launching an intellectual property oriented business. I liken it to the 'Freebird' encore for the popular how to build a business book."
Timothy N. Tracey, Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth Management

"This book would be very beneficial to all entrepreneurs as it gives a global perspective of all issues that are relevant for a startup business. It would also prove to be an excellent read for personnel in established companies planning to build competitive advantage based on Intellectual Property."
Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Co-founder and Director, Brain League IP Services Private Limited, Bangalore, India and Brain League IP Services, LLC, California, USA

"This important, clearly written book explains the legal structures needed to make a small business uniquely exclusive to reduce competition and permit higher prices. A valuable contribution to the literature and an excellent resource for anyone starting or operating a small business; excellent bibliography."—CHOICE Magazine