Chaos in the Classroom

A New Theory of Teaching and Learning

by Elizabeth Jane Davis, Thomas J. Smith, Dorothy Leflore

Tags: Education

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ISBN 978-1-59460-407-2

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This book combines cognitive learning theory, constructivist learning theory, brain-based learning theory with chaos theory to create an entirely new theory of learning. It shows how the four theories share mutual principles that explain many of the gaps in our understanding of the learning process. The authors take the reader through each of the theories and explain their overlapping principles. Using examples from actual classrooms from elementary school to graduate school, they show how an understanding of the new learning theory helps create the conditions necessary for critical thinking and deep understanding of content. The last chapter is a play-by-play set of instructions for creating chaos in your own classroom.

"The authors present their work clearly and concisely with support from good research in brain-based teaching, multiple intelligences, learning styles, and constructivism. They define and incorporate principles of nonlinear learning (sensitive dependence) and chaos theory (catastrophe shelves), making this an accessible read for those who are new to these ideas … This book presents a theoretical framework that should inspire lively discussion at this time when many educators are frustrated by the emphasis on multiple-choice testing, time discipline, and accountability through testing."
CHOICE Magazine

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