Research Guide to Chinese Trademark Law and Practice

by Robert H. Hu

Tags: Intellectual Property

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ISBN 978-1-59460-416-4

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Chinese trademark law has become a hot topic of discussion among scholars and practitioners, both in China and abroad. This book offers the essential information for understanding the Chinese legal regime for trademark registration and administration. It serves as a roadmap for conducting research in this subject area by providing the know-how on finding relevant statutes, regulations, case law, bibliographies, electronic resources, and other useful information. The Guide is a handy reference and valuable tool for legal scholars, law professors, lawyers, and others interested in learning about Chinese trademark law.

Major topics in this Guide include: an overview of the trademark law system in China; current trademark laws and regulations in effect; important judicial decisions relating to trademark disputes between Chinese and foreign parties; applicable international treaties and agreements governing Chinese trademarks; trademark agents and law firms; how to conduct trademark searches; and selective judicial and economic statistics concerning Chinese trademarks. Various tables of authorities, along with appendixes, are created to facilitate easy access to critical documents, such as trademark statutes, regulations, policy guidelines, and official interpretations.