General Principles of Business and Economic Law

An Introduction to Contemporary Legal Principles Governing Private and Public Economic Activity at the National and Supranational Levels

by John W. Head

Tags: Business/Finance Law

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ISBN 978-1-59460-419-5

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This book offers a brisk survey of the relationship between law and economic activity. Head provides a condensed overview of "business and economic law"—that is, the network of norms governing business organizations, commercial sales, banking, insurance, employment, business competition, intellectual property rights, environmental protection, bankruptcy, accounting, tax, and more—that is sophisticated but straightforward enough to be understood by non-experts. Naturally, the detailed rules on these topics vary from one country to another. Despite this diversity, certain basic concepts of business and economic law do hold true in most countries. This book identifies and explains those general principles, and it does so in a lively narrative with helpful illustrations and references to further reading.

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