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Payment Systems, Banking, and Documentary Transactions

Payment Systems, Banking, and Documentary Transactions, Second Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Payment Systems, Banking, and Documentary Transactions: Problems, Cases, and Comments, Second Edition

Payment Systems, Banking, and Documentary Transactions

Problems, Cases, and Comments

Second Edition

$52.00 356 pp casebound

Tags: Business/Finance Law, Commercial Law

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This course book introduces readers to relevant concepts and issues that are frequently associated with prominent, yet common, payment devices (such as promissory notes, checks, credit and debit cards, wire transfers and letters of credit) and the applicable governing law. Unlike many other books covering similar material, Lee and Zinnecker separate treatment of negotiable promissory notes from checks and other drafts, making it easier to grasp important concepts, such as warranty liability and the holder-in-due-course doctrine. The book also provides extensive coverage of documentary transactions, including the often-ignored documents of title that are a significant part of a transaction involving a commercial letter of credit. With the purpose of enhancing statutory analysis of real-world problems, the book includes more than 100 problems, many of them based on actual cases and diagrammed for better understanding.

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