The Inheritance Rights of Children in the United States

Cases and Materials

by Browne Lewis

Tags: Juvenile Law

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Nadya Suleman conceived fourteen children using artificial insemination. Michael Jackson and Clay Aiken became fathers using surrogates. These and other high profile cases have shined the spotlight on the need to insure that children have adults who are financially responsible for providing for them. As the number of ways to create a family has increased, the number of legal classes of children has expanded. That expansion has impacted the inheritance system.

The Inheritance Rights of Children in the United States focuses upon the inheritance rights of the following classes of children: marital children, adopted children, non-marital children, stepchildren, posthumously conceived children, children conceived by artificial insemination, and children conceived under surrogate arrangements. It uses cases, statutes, and problems to highlight the legal issues that have arisen due to the existence of so many classes of children. This book is appropriate for use as the primary text for both classes and seminars.