Taking Sports Seriously

Law and Sports in Contemporary American Culture

by Jeffrey Standen

Tags: Sports, Sports Law

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ISBN 978-1-59460-458-4

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Taking Sports Seriously provides an iconoclastic, out-of-the-box look at the intersection of sports and law in contemporary America. This collection of essays offers an unflinching take on the salient legal issues from the world of sports, including player violence, fan injuries, free agency, player agents, drug testing, athletes as role models, gambling, and other hot-button topics. Each essay provides background information on the issue, poses the relevant problems provocatively, and presents surprising resolutions sure to generate reflection and discussion. Taking Sports Seriously is ideal as a reading companion to a course in sports law or sports management. Written in a fast-paced, accessible style that unpacks jargon, this book brings sophisticated legal analysis to bear on the problems of sports. 

"Anybody interested in sports will find it to be a good read, but those also interested in the law will take an extra liking to Standen's writing." — Sports Agent Blog
"Jeffrey Standen's book provides a thought-provoking account of many controversies in American sports… Standen's writing, while certainly not typical of academic literature, is lively, engaging, and accessible to those who do not have a legal background." — Law & Politics Book Review
"Standen has written a book with treatment of so many timely sport-related issues that it offers a veritable literary cafeteria plan for both academics and intellectual sports fans interested in the intersection between sports and the law… I found Taking Sports Seriously to be highly readable, a result of the book's attraction format and the author's lucid and sometimes humorous writing style." — Ryan Rodenberg, International Journal of Sport Communication

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