A Worldview of Animal Law

by Bruce A. Wagman, Matthew Liebman

Tags: Animal Law, International Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-59460-462-1
eISBN 978-1-5310-0313-5

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This is the first book of its kind — an exciting and illustrative survey of the way different countries and cultures treat animals under the law. Given the breadth and scope of the legal treatment of animals around the world, the book presents selected issues and laws in a text that is readable and helpful to a wide range of readers, including students in undergraduate and post-graduate courses in sociology, cultural anthropology, international law, animal law, and animals in society. The book is also accessible to readers not matriculating through formal coursework, and provides any reader with a solid understanding of the varied approaches taken by countries around the world in connection with animals used in a number of areas.

A Worldview of Animal Law is split into subject areas tied to the different ways we interact with animals in society, with a focus on comparing the laws in different countries in the current era. Its format and wide coverage make it interesting for readers in any country who want to know about this area of the law, whether for personal, educational or professional reasons. Unlike many casebooks on the market, this is not a law school text, and not a comprehensive survey of one specific country's laws; rather, it provides a more readable and wider view of the compelling issues that arise regarding the integration of animals into society.

"A Worldview of Animal Law is a powerhouse of information for Animal Law professors and students as well as the curious citizen of the world. I highly recommend A Worldview of Animal Law to anyone interested in the state of Animal Law as it currently stands within the diverse countries which make up our planet." Jennifer A. Dietz, Adjunct Professor, Stetson University College of Law

"[I]t is clear that seen globally animal law is a living organism. In their well-researched and highly readable study, Wagman and Liebman offer hope that by recognizing and treating causes rather than just bandaging symptoms we can help move that body along its journey toward health." John Thompson, ASI Diary

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