Global Climate Change and the Road to Extinction

The Legal and Planning Response

by James A. Kushner

Tags: Environmental/Energy and Resources Law, Land Use Planning

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-59460-492-8

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As nations and corporations discuss and undertake reform measures to slow or reverse the trend of global warming, many questions arise: What strategies exist to reverse the problems caused by greenhouse gases collecting in our atmosphere? What steps can be taken to reduce emissions? This book looks at strategies that can, and in most cases must, be undertaken at the personal, corporate, and governmental levels of municipalities, counties, states, nations, and within the international community.

This book is designed to look at broad changes that are necessary and to explore the specific policies and mechanisms that are needed to implement them.

After reviewing the relevant science and potential consequences of global climate change, every facet of life is reviewed for sustainability to determine opportunities for reducing carbon emissions through alternative technology and conservation practices. The chapters explore these opportunities, and discuss the significance of our policies on agricultural and food, land use planning, brownfield development, redevelopment, consumption, economic development, education, emergency preparedness, energy, housing and construction, management of federal lands, seas, population, species protection, transportation, and water.

The alternative to the strategies described is extinction.