Speaking Southern, Writing English

Essential Grammar Skills

by Wendy Jean Frandsen

Tags: Community College, Developmental English

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ISBN 978-1-59460-553-6

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Speaking Southern, Writing English is a grammar book for adult students who are writing at a middle-school level. Its premise is that students naturally write in the dialect that is familiar to them and cannot "hear" their errors; therefore, they must learn to proofread for them. The book is intended to give students basic mastery of grammar in their own writing by giving them simple rules and practical proofreading strategies with lots of practice. The explanations and exercises are written in familiar vocabulary, on familiar topics, at an easy reading level.

"Wendy Frandsen's grammar text has been a major factor in the successes my writing students have achieved. Most of these stuent are not strong writers, but this text has made a difference for them because the explanations are so clear and the exercises are so focused on using grammatical concepts rather than just recognizing them. This is the type of textbook that students typically keep and use as a handbook for their future writing." — Crystal Brantley, Instructor of Developmental English at Vance-Granville Community College

"Wendy Jean Frandsen's book is insightful, engaging, and refreshing. The author meticulously deconstructs the basic elements of communicating in English. This is a brilliantly simple book." — Renford Reese, Ph.D., author and political science professor; Founder/Director, Colorful Flags

"Author Wendy Jean Frandsen makes the valid point that the way you speak isn't necessarily the way you write. This is an excellent companion for those who want to make the transition from casual, spoken, English to formal written English." — Debra C. Smith, University of North Carolina-Charlotte professor and author of The Words Unspoken: The Hidden Power of Language

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