Out of the Muck

A History of the Broward Sheriff's Office, 1915-2000

by William Cahill, Robert M. Jarvis

Tags: History, History, Law Enforcement

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ISBN 978-1-59460-584-0

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Winner — 2011 Dr. Cooper Kirk Memorial Award
(presented by the Broward County Historical Commission)

The Broward Sheriff's Office is the country's largest fully-accredited sheriff's department, yet its long and colorful history has escaped the attention of scholars. This oversight has now been corrected by Dr. William P. Cahill and Professor Robert M. Jarvis, who have painstakingly scoured hundreds of sources to tell the agency's story. The result is a fascinating tale that unfolds against the backdrop of South Florida's evolution from rural frontier to international tourist destination. Accompanying the text are 200 pictures (many rarely seen), a biographical time line, year-by-year election results, and an extensive bibliography.

"[A] first-rate work of local history.… The authors have a good story to tell and they tell it very well." — Florida Bar Journal

"[E]ngaging and highly readable … this much-needed and well-written study traces the history of the organization from the creation of Broward County … to the downfall of Sheriff Ken Jenne." — Broward Legacy (journal of the Broward County Historical Commission)

"[A]n excellent job recounting the history of South Florida, particularly the region's transformation from an undeveloped backwater at the start of the 20th century to a major cosmopolitan population center by the close of the century. . . . For those who are sticklers for details, 'Out of the Muck' will certainly satisfy. It includes a biographical timeline, extensive set of endnotes, an exhaustive bibliography and a full index." — The Sheriff's Star (official magazine of the Florida Sheriffs Association)

"Lay readers interested in local history, crime, or law enforcement will find that Out of the Muck makes for fascinating and informative reading. The serious researcher will value this volume as an important addition to their reference library." — Florida Historical Quarterly

"This book should be of interest to academicians as well as the general reader. The authors regale the reader with a fascinating cast of characters and historical incidents that should make Broward County an interesting visit for crime buffs." — American Journal of Legal History