Introduction to Industrial Motor Control

by Jay F. Hooper

Tags: Community College, Industrial Technologies

Table of Contents (PDF)

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170 pp  $35.00

ISBN 978-1-59460-620-5

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Introduction to Industrial Motor Control is written for anyone with basic electrical knowledge (practical or theoretical). It assumes no prior exposure to motors, controls, meters, or troubleshooting. Through a combination of text and exercises, the book exposes the student to the practical and safety considerations of working on motors and controls in an industrial plant. The typical voltages in this environment for motors are generally in the range of 110 vac single phase to 600 vac three phase.

Students in community college programs, as well as beginning engineering students at four-year institutions, will find this book straightforward and filled with real world examples.

The book is designed to be useful even in a very closed industrial environment where workers are not allowed in close proximity to voltages (i.e. using voltmeters, ammeters, or PPE). Under these circumstances, readers should still be able to solve or troubleshoot about two-thirds of all electrical problems they encounter since in these situations they would be using standard troubleshooting techniques and an ohmmeter with the power turned off.

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