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Congressional Investigations and Oversight

Case Studies and Analysis

by Lance Cole, Stanley M. Brand

Tags: Constitutional Law, Government/National Security Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

574 pp  $75.00

ISBN 978-1-59460-622-9
eISBN 978-1-5310-2723-0

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This book examines the legal and policy issues surrounding congressional investigations through a series of case studies, with an emphasis on the period from the second half of the twentieth century to date. It is organized by case study topic, with each chapter using one or two case studies to introduce and analyze a discrete area of legal authorities and policy issues. The central thesis and organizing principle of this book is to highlight the importance of effective congressional oversight and investigative activities in our American democratic system of government, as well as the constitutional and parliamentary bases for this legislative power. In addition to collecting legal authorities, the book includes relevant historical information and structural analysis of government functions, with an emphasis on separation of powers issues.

The use of a case study format, rather than a traditional law school casebook format, is intended to present the subject matter in a way that will appeal to the undergraduate and graduate school textbook market as well as the law school market. The authors combine original congressional and judicial source materials with book excerpts and explanatory text to make the subject matter accessible to graduate and upper level undergraduate students in government and political science, as well as law students.

This excellent and much-needed book provides a comprehensive and indispensable compendium of the law and history of congressional investigations over the past century. The thorough and insightful analysis in this book is essential reading for everyone who wants to understand how Congress works and what it can accomplish when our nation faces grave problems and challenges."
— Former Senator Paul S. Sarbanes, member of the House Judiciary Committee for the Nixon impeachment, the Iran-Contra Committee, and the Senate Whitewater Committee, and co-author of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
A tour de force by two prominent lawyers whose practical experience on both sides of congressional investigations is captured in this must-read treatise. Cole and Brand provide an invaluable resource, both for practicing lawyers with clients facing congressional inquiries and for students of law and government who want to learn how congressional investigations really work. I recommend it highly as a definitive and up-to-date law firm reference guide and as an excellent academic text for law school and graduate school courses on the congressional investigative and oversight process."
— Richard Ben-Veniste, Esq., Mayer Brown LLP; former Member of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States ("the 9/11 Commission"), Chief Counsel (Minority) to the Senate Special Committee on Whitewater, and Chief of the Sp
"For any government official, trade association executive, corporate government relations head or lobbyist facing the prospect of a congressional investigation or oversight hearing this book is a must. The authors have together over fifty years of experience involved in guiding such bodies or representing clients or commenting on the powers and procedures of this most unique of legislative institutions – the congressional inquiry. No Washington rep should be without a copy for their desk."
— Kenneth Duberstein, former White House Chief of Staff to President Ronald Reagan
"[Stanley Brand] is the wise man of Washington probes. He's conducted them. He's defended clients (including me) involved in them. He's thought hard about how they are used and abused. This comprehensive text on Congressional Investigations and Oversight reflects all of that wisdom and experience, and it is the essential resource on this vitally important topic."
— George Stephanopoulos, ABC morning news anchor