Behavioral Family Therapy

An Evidence Based Approach

by Bryan Crisp, David Knox

Tags: Sociology

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ISBN 978-1-59460-627-4
eISBN 978-1-5310-2043-9

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Accountability has become the focus of therapy. Parents and spouses in therapy want positive change for their money. This book delivers the goods. Rather than leaving clients to guess whether therapy is working, data verifying the increased frequency of positive behavior and the decreased frequency of negative behavior (along with the desired emotions/feelings) provide the answer.

Behavioral Family Therapy not only reviews the theoretical background for change but provides detailed hands-on directives, scripts, and forms/charts for immediate use. It is the ultimate behavioral handbook for the therapist who treats marriages and families. Three chapters of case histories reveal both successes and failures and leave no doubt about how to help parents and spouses achieve their family and marital goals.

"I have waited for this book my entire career! It will become required reading for many of the moms and dads and husbands and wives whom I treat. Between these covers Crisp and Knox have anticipated every difficulty that families experience, and then provided straightforward, detailed, easily implemented strategies to effect change. And the best part is that every recommendation and technique is scientifically sound! Get ready for a new healthier family life." — Barry Lubetkin Ph.D. ABPP, Director The Institute for Behavior Therapy, New York City; Author of Why Do I Need You to Love Me in Order to Like Myself

"Crisp and Knox have put together a readable and well-written manual for the behavioral therapist, whether experienced or not. In keeping with every good behaviorist's practice, the book is clear and practical. It also provides easy-to-reproduce forms and checklists that the busy clinician will find useful. I'm sure that my late friend and colleague, Jack Turner — the consummate teacher of behavioral therapy — would delight in seeing the dedication page." — William H. Goodson, Jr., M.D.

"This is an outstanding sourcebook for family therapists using behavior analysis! The authors have done an excellent job of taking the basic principles of behavior analysis and applying them very specifically to actual case examples in family therapy. The case examples chosen represent problems that are pretty common for the age groups represented. They also give therapists step-by-step instructions on how to treat these problems and provide forms that can help make the process clearer and more streamlined. I intend to use this book in graduate courses that fulfill the Behavior Analysis Certification Board requirements for applying behavior analysis to specific content areas. I especially enjoyed reading the quotes at the beginning of each chapter! Thank you for writing this wonderful book!" — Jeannie Golden, Ph.D.

"Crisp and Knox provide a succinct, well developed, and comprehensive set of behavioral concepts and procedures and applied the whole to the area of family therapy in an excellent manner." — Charles H. Madsen, Jr. Ph.D. ABPP