Mexican Law for the American Lawyer

by Jorge A. Vargas

Tags: International Law, Latin American/Mexican Law, Mexican Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-59460-634-2

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Three special features make this book unique in many respects. First, the book has been written by an eminent group of Mexican practitioners and academics recognized in Mexico for their legal expertise. These are attorneys working for prestigious law firms in Mexico who wrote their chapters keeping in mind the professional interest of American lawyers. Second, each of its seventeen chapters discusses a Mexican legal area commonly found in decisions rendered by state or federal courts in our country. These areas include personal injury, contracts, Fideicomisos, real estate, companies, Maquiladoras, promissory notes, family law, conflict of laws, letters rogatory, enforcement of judgments, etc. And third, most chapters include a legal glossary, a specialized bibliography and samples of practical Mexican legal documents. This up-to-date book, edited and co-authored by University of San Diego School of Law professor Jorge A. Vargas, a prolific author on Mexican law, will be invaluable for legal practitioners, judges and government officials who handle legal matters involving Mexican law, as well as for business and law students.

"Whether a researcher is a seasoned Mexican legal scholar or new to the subject, tools that are laid out well, written by experts, and concisely written are always welcomed but not always available. This particular publication is one of the best structured books I have seen recently. If you deal with Mexican law you should consider having this one on your shelf." — Legal Information ALERT