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Writing Deskbook for Administrative Judges

Writing Deskbook for Administrative Judges book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

Writing Deskbook for Administrative Judges

An Introduction

by Michael H. Frost, Paul A. Bateman

2010 $27.00 144 pp paper

Tags: Administrative Law

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Writing Deskbook for Administrative Judges: An Introduction provides administrative judges (and their supervisors) with general guidelines for insuring that administrative decisions are of uniformly high quality and clarity. In explaining how to make decisions more readable, this book is unique in its focus on those parts of the decision that are most critical to the litigants and to reviewing courts.

Designed as a practical guide to the decision writing process, the deskbook provides advice, guidelines and checklists for busy administrative law judges. In a few short chapters, the book:

  • Analyzes the rhetorical influences that affect the writing of decisions
  • Identifies ways to improve the readability of administrative decisions
  • Suggests organizational strategies for writing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
  • Suggests techniques for improving the organization and clarity of the decision
  • Explains how document design improves readability
  • Recommends time-saving and quality control strategies

Each chapter includes easy-to-follow illustrations and examples, most of which are taken from actual decisions.

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