The Empowered Paralegal Professionalism Anthology

Edited by: Robert E. Mongue

Tags: Paralegal, Professionalism

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ISBN 978-1-59460-821-6
eISBN 978-1-5310-0434-7

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Professionalism is more than dressing well and a profession is more than a group of people engaged in the same career. This book takes a comprehensive approach to paralegal professionalism and the paralegal professional, discussing topics such as establishing a professional identity, regulation, certification and licensing, paralegal associations, paralegals from the perspective of the courts, paralegal utilization, paralegal professionalism, paralegal practice outside the United States, and paralegal education.

"This important book addresses issues that either are or should be at the forefront of every discussion of the paralegal professional today. Paralegals are beginning to acknowledge the heights they have attained, but they have lacked a major scholarly treatise that has examined the profession in a systematic and insightful way. This book provides that scholarly examination. Beginning with a thoughtful overview of professional identity and all its elements, the book then goes on to examine each element of that identity — education, regulation, professional ethics and the attorney/paralegal relationship, and utilization — in academic detail. This framework echoes the issues that define the profession as a whole today. Thus, it is likely that this book will provide the intellectual framework for the discussions that will take place throughout the professional sphere." — Toni Marsh, Esquire, Director, George Washington University Paralegal Studies Programs

"This anthology delivers on the title's promise: it is a thought-provoking compilation of issues facing paralegals today and a challenge to individual paralegals to embody professionalism as the profession itself grows and develops." — Kristine M. Hill, ACP, FRP, Advanced Certified Paralegal, Pensacola, Florida

"The Empowered Paralegal Professional Anthology approaches the inherent questions posed to the modern day paralegal in terms of where we have been, who we are, and where we go from here. There is such a diverse background, with regard to education and preparation, in the field that it is refreshing to see a guide that incorporates a historical context, as well as future goals of the profession. It is so very important to understand the value of personal identity in terms of professionalism and ethics, which is crucial, or should I say integral, to how the legal community and the general public view the paralegal or legal assistant. I would highly recommend this book to all presently in the paralegal profession, as well as those interested in pursuing a paralegal career." — Toylaine Hayman Spencer, Environmental Paralegal, Houston, Texas