Legal Issues in the Struggle Against Terror

Edited by: John Norton Moore, Robert F. Turner

Tags: Government/National Security Law

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ISBN 978-1-59460-830-8

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More than two decades before the 9/11 attacks, the University of Virginia School of Law established the nation's first think tank devoted to the study of legal issues affecting U.S. national security. The Center for National Security Law has assembled some of America's most thoughtful and respected legal experts to address various aspects of the ongoing struggle against terror. From military commissions and the treatment of detainees to the outsourcing of military functions to civilian contractors and the use of civil litigation against terrorists, this remarkable volume is designed to provide legal scholars, policy makers, and the general public with a serious look at critical legal issues in this unusual armed conflict. Also addressed within the nineteen chapters are the threats of nuclear and biological terrorism and of cyberterrorism, protecting privacy while sharing information with allies and within our own government, and the use of the state secrets privilege to terminate litigation. The volume also includes important chapters on immigration, extradition, rendition, and dealing with "hate propaganda" without violating the First Amendment. This landmark volume is recommended both for classroom use and for general reading by anyone interested in understanding the most important legal controversies in the struggle against terror.

"Open discussions about the issues contained in Legal Issues in the Struggle Against Terror are essential if we are to develop a sound, transparent, durable legal regime as a key component of the continuing fight against terrorism." The Law and Politics Book Review