A Guide to Teaching Lawyering Skills

by Joel Atlas, Lara Gelbwasser Freed, John Mollenkamp, Andrea J. Mooney, Ursula H. Weigold, Michelle A. Fongyee Whelan

Tags: Law School Teaching, Legal Writing

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-59460-879-7

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This book is designed for teachers of legal research and writing courses. Both new and seasoned legal-writing teachers will benefit from the book, whether they are full-time professors, adjuncts, fellows, program directors, or teaching assistants. A Guide to Teaching Lawyering Skills explores the essential components of the teaching process, including setting course goals; creating a curriculum, syllabus, and assignments; developing teaching methods; providing feedback to students both orally and in writing; evaluating and grading student work; working with teaching assistants; and enhancing professional development. The focus of the book is practical, and its suggestions are specific and concrete. The book also provides lists of additional resources for teachers.