Constructing a Criminal Case

An Integrative Approach to Criminal Law

by Katherine Pang

Tags: Criminal Law, Legal Issues

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ISBN 978-1-59460-887-2
eISBN 978-1-5310-0151-3

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This textbook provides a model for students to learn the various types of crimes studied in a criminal law course, how to identify the material elements of the crimes, and how to develop analytical reasoning skills by integrating material facts from cases and hypothetical fact patterns with the elements of various crimes. Constructing a Criminal Case emphasizes an integrative method of instruction based on learning theory that stimulates contextual, relevant learning so that students can make sense and meaning of the course content.

In this textbook, students will learn not only the fundamental content of a traditional criminal law course, including the elements of various crimes as defined by a variety of states in their criminal code/penal code, but will also have the opportunity to integrate criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence by learning how to construct a case and applying their knowledge in an applied learning activity — a mock criminal trial. Throughout the textbook the student has the opportunity to "stop and engage" their learning by reading statutory language from a variety of state penal codes and case excerpts and then applying their learning to hypothetical fact patterns and practical application exercises. The instructional design pedagogy of the textbook emphasizes not only learning course content but promoting the retention and application of the course content. The many questions posed throughout the textbook are designed to build on previously learned concepts by using reflective questions and application exercises that develop critical thinking and analytical reasoning.

In addition to being used as the primary text for any criminal law course, Constructing a Criminal Case can also be used for courses in trial advocacy, the criminal trial process, or for gaining an understanding of criminal justice from an integrated legal perspective.

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