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Mastering Civil Procedure cover

Mastering Civil Procedure, Third Edition

by David Charles Hricik

2017, 678 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-734-2


Mastering Civil Procedure

Second Edition

by David Charles Hricik

Tags: Civil Procedure, Mastering Series

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672 pp  $44.00

ISBN 978-1-59460-988-6
eISBN 978-1-59460-808-7

Mastering Civil Procedure provides a thorough and practical guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as related doctrines, including personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, and claim and issue preclusion. Not only does the book provide a concise and clear road map to civil procedure, it is designed to complement leading civil procedure case books by discussing many of the principal cases from those books. The book benefits from having been written by a civil procedure professor who, prior to teaching, litigated civil lawsuits in federal courts for 14 years with both large and small law firms.

This updated edition not only addresses all of the latest amendments to the rules and updates to most major casebooks, but has also been expanded to include numerous flowcharts and other visual aids to help readers master civil procedure.

Mastering Books This book is part of the Carolina Academic Press Mastering Series edited by Russell L. Weaver, University of Louisville School of Law.