Contracting Law

Fifth Edition

by Amy Kastely, Deborah Waire Post, Nancy Ota, Deborah Zalesne

Tags: Contracts

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The fifth edition of Contracting Law continues the clear explanations of contract doctrine, engaging cases, and thought-provoking cultural and historical materials that have made this casebook a favorite of students and professors. Students and faculty appreciate the fact that no separate statutory supplement is necessary. Selected provisions from the Restatement Second of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code are included in the casebook as appendices.

The fifth edition augments the cultural material with notes and questions showing the social contexts for specific contract doctrines. Many sections are shortened and reorganized for ease of use in 3-, 4-, or 5-credit courses, while UCC coverage is maintained for those courses designed to include sales law.

"Contracting Law is an extraordinary breakthrough in contract jurisprudence. The overwhelming majority of my students felt the book was the most useful, comprehensive, and engaging text of their first year." — Professor Patricia Williams, Columbia University Law School, on the second edition

Supplementary Materials

Contracting Law Workbook, Fifth Edition

by Amy Kastely, Deborah Waire Post, Nancy Ota, Deborah Zalesne

2020, 216 pp, 3-hole drilled, ISBN 978-1-59460-995-4


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