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Law School Exams

A Guide to Better Grades

by Alex Schimel

2012 $18.00 112 pp paper

Tags: First Year, Law School Study Aids

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Law School Exams: A Guide to Better Grades is the complete handbook for students who want to significantly improve their performance in law school. In most law school classes, 90% of a student's final grade is based on a single comprehensive exam that is given at the end of the semester. This book focuses on developing the one skill that can really improve a student's GPA: getting the best possible grade on that all-important exam. Law School Exams: A Guide to Better Grades offers a practical, top-to-bottom strategy that can be applied to almost any law school exam, regardless of the topic or level.

Written from the perspective of a student with a 4.0 GPA, this book offers fresh and unique insights on law school exams by stripping the exam format into a series of repeatable steps and building blocks. It also teaches students how to “prepare for exams, instead of preparing for class,” with proven time-management, outlining, and case-briefing techniques. Based on the author's highly successful seminar series at the University of Miami, these strategies have already helped hundreds of law students improve their grades. Law School Exams: A Guide to Better Grades is perfect for the over-achieving law student who is aiming for perfect grades, the struggling upper-division student who needs guidance to stay afloat, or the eager pre-law student who wants a peek at what lies ahead.

“There are many books available that offer new law students advice and strategies for success in law school. What makes this book so unique is the vantage point of its author: An intelligent, successful (recently graduated) law student writing a book for fellow law students, offering realistic insight, sound advice and tried and true strategies. The book is sensible, practical, comprehensive and . . . funny!” — Joanne Harvest Koren, Director, Academic Achievement Program, University of Miami School of Law

“These exam strategies allowed me to focus on mastering the most important elements of 1L exams. I saved tons of time and my grades drastically improved from the first semester to the second semester.” — Jeff, 1L, University of Miami School of Law

“Not only did Alex’s techniques help me ace my exams, they also gave me confidence and significantly reduced my stress level during 1L year. I recommend them to anybody.” — Dave, 2L, University of California Berkeley School of Law

“Alex does two things very well. First, he breaks down complicated questions into simple units in a way that is easy to understand. Second, and more importantly, he turns exam-taking into a system that can be used as a starting point for writing a great exam in any class.” — Brandon, 3L, University of Miami School of Law, University of Miami Law Review, editor-in-chief

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