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Louisiana Property Law

Louisiana Property Law View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Louisiana Property Law: The Civil Code, Cases, and Commentary

Louisiana Property Law

The Civil Code, Cases, and Commentary

$115.00 960 pp casebound

Tags: Louisiana, Property/Community Property

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Louisiana Property Law: The Civil Code, Cases, and Commentary is the first new case book in its field in more than a generation. Authored by three experienced scholars from Louisiana, this book presents classic and current cases in a rich contextual setting informed by contemporary property scholarship from the United States and abroad. After introducing the origins and sources of Louisiana property law, each chapter situates Louisiana property jurisprudence in its codal and doctrinal context. In addition to explaining the history, structure, and meaning of relevant provisions of the Louisiana Civil Code and ancillary statutes, the book introduces readers to property texts from mixed jurisdictions such as Québec, South Africa, and Scotland, and compares Louisiana and common law property institutions. In light of this comparative approach, the book will appeal to scholars interested in alternative regulatory models for the law of property.

Specific topics include: Sources of Louisiana Property Law (Chapter 1); Ownership, Real Rights, and the Right to Exclude (Chapter 2); The Division of Things (Chapter 3); Classification of Things—Of Movables and Immovables, Corporeals and Incorporeals (Chapter 4); Voluntary Transfers of Ownership (Chapter 5); Accession (Chapter 6); Acquisition of Ownership through Occupancy (Chapter 7); Possession and the Possessory Action (Chapter 8); Acquisitive Prescription with Respect to Immovables (Chapter 9); Vindicating Ownership through Real Actions (Chapter 10); Co-Ownership (Chapter 11); Usufruct (Chapter 12); Natural and Legal Servitudes (Chapter 13); Conventional Predial Servitudes (Chapter 15); Limited Personal Servitudes—Habitation and Right of Use (Chapter 15); and Building Restrictions (Chapters 16).  

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