Risk Management in Sport

Issues and Strategies

Third Edition

Edited by: Herb Appenzeller

Tags: Risk Management, Sports

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-61163-107-4
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Sports-related litigation continues to escalate in America year after year, due at least in part to increased pressure in the multibillion dollar sport industry for all who are involved in the operation of sport.

The third edition of Risk Management in Sport, like the first two editions, calls on the experience of a "Who's Who" of Risk Management experts. Eleven new chapters add to the updated chapters to keep risk management strategies "in tune with the times."

The book is a leading resource for anyone responsible for administration in a sport program, from Little League to professional sports. This unique text covers a multitude of risk management issues and the strategies to deal with them. This is an essential book for sport management classes and an invaluable resource for sports administrators and anyone associated with sport.

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