Sports and the Courts

Second Edition

by Herb Appenzeller, Tom Appenzeller

Tags: Risk Management, Sports

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ISBN 978-1-61163-127-2
eISBN 978-1-5310-2458-1

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Today, sports participants are often as familiar with a court of law as they are with the sports court. Athletes, coaches, administrators, officials, physicians, equipment manufacturers, operators of sports facilities and even unsuspecting sports fans share a common bond — the risk of sports litigation. Sports and the Courts endeavors to convey to the reader not only the legal implications of sports issues but a portrait of the conditions of modern society as sports litigation reveals it. It presents a selection of recent court cases, dealing with a variety of sports-related issues that are brought before the bar for judicial remedy, while also concentrating on the many ways sport has changed in our society today.

A significant feature of the second edition is the discussion of topics not covered in the first edition, such as Social Media, Bullying and Hazing, Drug Testing, Internships, Cheerleading, and the all-important Management of Risk in Sport. Sports and the Courts is a powerful resource for those who teach courses for students who plan to enter the sport industry as a career.

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