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The Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students

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The Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students

A Step-by-Step Guide

$25.00 142 pp paper

Tags: First Year, Law School Study Aids, Legal Writing

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Intended primarily for use in the first few weeks of the first-semester legal writing course, The Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students takes a systematic approach to the process of learning legal analysis. The Handbook is designed to help students focus on and become competent in the process of legal analysis that precedes their work on early legal writing products such as memos, case briefs, and other documents. This book teaches a new approach to learning legal analysis through the introduction of a series of repeatable steps that students can apply to any legal scenario. By practicing and internalizing these analytic steps, students will experience a smoother writing process that translates into a better written product.

Each chapter of the Handbook contains several useful features:

  • Frequent metacognitive “checkpoints”—text boxes that prompt students to pause or stop in their pre-writing work and assess their own efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Concrete examples of how the steps in the pre-writing process actually work in two fully developed recurring legal scenarios.
  • End-of-chapter recaps that summarize the desired results of the student’s work during each step of the pre-writing process.
  • Independent Practice Exercises.

The Teacher's Manual includes advice on how to incorporate this book's new approach into an existing first-semester legal writing course; complete keys to all of the book's exercises; and complete samples of objective memos, a trial brief, an opinion letter, and a demand letter for use with the recurring scenarios and the independent exercises. The thorough content of the Teacher's Manual should enable professors to use the Handbook effectively with minimal additional preparation.

“The Handbook hits the nail on the head! It centers on exactly what is missing from all the other legal writing books: the deep thinking that is necessary before pen hits paper.” — Joi Montiel, Faulkner University School of Law

“Writing professors have claimed for years that learning to write is learning to think; legal writing professors have claimed for years that learning legal writing entails learning legal analysis. This book makes good on both claims and provides a welcome and useful tool for anyone trying to master legal writing.” — J. Christopher Rideout, Professor of Lawyering Skills and Associate Director of the Legal Writing Program, Seattle University School of Law

“You need to crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run, and run before you can fly. Professors Graham and Felsenburg will have fledgling students flying in no time.” — Louis J. Sirico, Jr., Professor of Law and Director, Legal Writing Program, Villanova University School of Law


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