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Sexual Deviance Online book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

Sexual Deviance Online

Research and Readings

Edited by: Elizabeth C. Dretsch, Robert Moore

2014 $28.00 202 pp paper

Tags: Computer Crime/Cybercrime, Sexual Crime and Deviance

Teacher's Manual available

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 Sexual Deviance Online provides a research-based introduction to some of the lesser-known forms of sexual deviance taking place within an online environment. This is the first book to cover sexual deviance within Adult Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (AMMORPGs), sugar dating, MSM, bug chasing, child pornography, and sexting in one publication. Sexual Deviance Online examines each of these topics through published research and/or the authors' own original research findings. 

·      Quinn & Forsyth provide the readers with a definition of sexual deviance online. They also explain how this concept has transformed with the evolution of the Internet. They provide several models of online sexual deviance. 

·      Dretsch & Dretsch introduce the readers to the practice of virtual sex within adult massively multiplayer online role-playing games (AMMORPGs). This chapter also covers the impact of cybersex on real life relationships, psychosexual behavior, and the psychology of anonymity. 

·      Lande covers the topic of child pornography, types of online offending behaviors, the harm of child pornography images, and concludes with an application of Finkelhor’s Precondition Model. 

·      Stubbs-Richardson & May discuss the online sexual behaviors of adolescents through the application of their own original research findings. They conclude with theoretical explanations of online sexual activity. 

·      Moore covers sexting between adults and online sugar dating through the use of original research. He also discusses the implications of criminalizing sexting, as a form of manufactured child pornography. 

·      Denney & Tewksbury present research concerning the concept of bug chasing.

·      Goodlin-Fahncke & Cheeseman use original research findings to explain the practice of men seeking men online.    

The Teacher's Manual is available electronically on a CD or via email. Please contact Beth Hall at to request a copy. PowerPoint slides are available upon adoption.  Sample slides from the full 157-slide presentation are available to view hereEmail for more information.

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