Student Learning Outcomes and Law School Assessment

A Practical Guide to Measuring Institutional Effectiveness

by Lori E. Shaw, Victoria L. VanZandt

Tags: Law School Teaching

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A sea change is coming. Changes to the ABA Standards, coupled with mandates from regional accreditors, will soon require every law school to adopt, implement, and use an institutional assessment plan based on the achievement of desired student learning outcomes. Is your school ready?

This guide, intended for law school administrators and faculty, will walk you through the process step by step, answering questions, giving tips on best practices, and, perhaps most importantly, providing you with an action list for developing your school's assessment planning strategy. Our goal is for you to finish this guide with a completed assessment plan in hand and an appreciation of how you can use outcomes assessment to enhance your students' learning experience.

"Student Learning Outcomes and Law School Assessment is an excellent tool for any legal or general academic setting that is reviewing what specialized schools are undertaking. . . It is a valuable purchase that can help make your work easier." —Duane A. Strojny, Law Library Journal

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