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The Organized Lawyer

The Organized Lawyer, Second Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

Organizational skills and professionalism go hand-in-hand, and the topic belongs in any course related to lawyering skills. Now in its second edition, this book addresses the organizational needs and challenges of modern lawyers and law students, and it includes fresh and useful tips for even the most seasoned practitioners. We each have an organizational type that dictates how we live among our things. With topics ranging from attorney attire and effective marketing to developing attractive and efficient workspaces in the office, at home, and on the go, The Organized Lawyer is an essential reference for lawyers at all levels. 

"Overall, The Organized Lawyer is a useful guide for the attorney who is ready to get serious about being organized." —Alison M. Hancock, Law Library Journal

Praise for the First Edition

“More than just another book on how to get organized, Anders addresses all the professional needs of attorneys.” —Library Journal

“This book is a useful resource for attorneys interested in achieving a more organized and supportive work environment, and[,] as such, is an appropriate addition to any law library.” —AALL Spectrum

“Written in an engaging, conversational style, she presents a fresh approach to organization.” —Court Review

“Every chapter has at least one or two fresh ideas that even the most experienced and well-organized attorney can implement to improve his or her work space.” —Colorado Lawyer

“There are many useful tips and thought processes that can be used by any attorney, regardless of years in practice or size of firm.” —Wisconsin Lawyer

Praise for the Second Edition

"Overall, The Organized Lawyer is a useful guide for the attorney who is ready to get serious about being organized. The book helps readers develop their own organizational systems rather than imposing a particular system on them. This makes it more likely that changes made as a result of reading the book will be lasting changes because those changes will be based on the conscious decisions of the readers." -Alison M. Hancock, Law Library Journal

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