Georgia's Criminal Justice System

Second Edition

by Deborah Mitchell Robinson

Tags: Introduction to Criminal Justice, State-Specific Criminal Justice Series

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ISBN 978-1-61163-410-5
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The second edition of Georgia's Criminal Justice System provides readers with updated information on all aspects of the criminal justice system in the State of Georgia. Sections have been revised and rearranged in this edition to provide a more concise, readable, and understandable flow of the material. Sections include the history of Georgia's criminal justice system; crime in Georgia; substantive and procedural law; Georgia law enforcement, court systems, and corrections; the juvenile justice system in Georgia; Georgia's response to crime victims; and criminal justice training and education in Georgia. This text is appropriate for introductory as well as upper-level courses in criminal justice, criminology, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice, as well as special topics courses which focus on state and/or local criminal justice in Georgia.

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About the State-Specific Criminal Justice Series:

One drawback with many current books is that they pertain to the really non-existent “American” criminal justice system and ignore the local landscape. Each state has deliberately designed its own legislature, executive branch, law enforcement system, court and appellate review system, state supreme court, correctional system, and juvenile justice apparatus. Since many criminal justice students embark upon careers in their home states, they are better served by being exposed to their own state criminal justice system.

Texts in this series are designed to be primary texts or as supplements to more general introduction to criminal justice texts.

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