Basic Pneumatics

An Introduction to Industrial Compressed Air Systems and Components

Revised Printing

by Jay F. Hooper

Tags: Pneumatics

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-61163-411-2
eISBN 978-1-5310-1477-3

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This book on basic pneumatics is written for students or for the person on the factory floor, be they mechanic, technician, or operator. It exposes them to the basic building blocks of pneumatics, so that they will be able to troubleshoot about 90% of the pneumatics problems that they will encounter.

Major topics include: identification of components; overview of technical terminology; basic circuits; the "water" problem; force, pressure, speed, and flow, as well as troubleshooting. The book is unique in that it avoids the math intensive focus of most pneumatic books. Instead, Hooper concentrates on topics that the average factory floor worker confronts every day.

The Revised Printing includes metric conversions for the standard units.

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