The New Frontiers of Civil Rights Litigation

by Michèle Alexandre

Tags: Civil Rights/Race and the Law, Litigation

Table of Contents (PDF)

2024 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

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ISBN 978-1-61163-416-7
eISBN 978-1-5310-1170-3

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The New Frontiers of Civil Rights Litigation examines foundational cases and doctrines from current and evolving civil rights jurisprudence. It provides a survey of the field, helping students to master key lessons from litigation, activism, and lawmaking. In the process, the book encourages students to imagine and construct more adequate models to address current and emerging civil rights issues. Throughout the book, they will learn to assess, reevaluate, and challenge legal doctrines and case law.

Civil rights jurisprudence is often accused of being stagnant, at best, and quickly regressing, at worst. Old gains have been undercut while new issues face an uphill battle. What is more, civil rights law is now viewed as affecting only specific groups rather than the entire country. This book provides an opportunity to fully grasp the continued relevance of civil rights doctrines to a wide segment of the American population, as well as the importance of applying these doctrines to contemporary issues.

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