Ohio's Criminal Justice System

by Joshua B. Hill, Nancy E. Marion, Kevin M. Cashen, R. James Orr, III, Kendra J. Kec

Tags: Introduction to Criminal Justice, State-Specific Criminal Justice Series

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Ohio's Criminal Justice System is a comprehensive yet easily understood book for students wishing to examine the criminal justice system in Ohio. An explanation of the basics of the criminal justice system in Ohio, as well as its interaction at several points with the federal criminal justice system, is presented to the reader in order to provide them with a baseline knowledge of Ohio's system of criminal justice. In addition, the book provides a contextual presentation of the operation of criminal justice in general.

Ideal for use in undergraduate classrooms, Ohio's Criminal Justice System provides the link missing between the largely fictional "national" criminal justice system, and the student's own experience within the state of Ohio. By linking trends of crime in Ohio to national trends, showing the operations of the police, courts and corrections agencies within Ohio, and addressing state-specific justice elements like drug and veteran's courts, Ohio's Criminal Justice System is the ideal resource for students of the discipline in Ohio.

In addition to the comprehensive coverage of the major elements of Ohio's justice system, the book addresses the juvenile courts in Ohio as well as Ohio's use of the death penalty. Ohio's Criminal Justice System marries perfectly with existing introductory texts, and can be an asset to professors and students alike.

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About the State-Specific Criminal Justice Series:

One drawback with many current books is that they pertain to the really non-existent “American” criminal justice system and ignore the local landscape. Each state has deliberately designed its own legislature, executive branch, law enforcement system, court and appellate review system, state supreme court, correctional system, and juvenile justice apparatus. Since many criminal justice students embark upon careers in their home states, they are better served by being exposed to their own state criminal justice system.

Texts in this series are designed to be primary texts or as supplements to more general introduction to criminal justice texts.

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