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This page refers to an out of print or superseded title.

A Web-Based Introduction to Programming

Essential Algorithms, Syntax, and Control Structures Using PHP, HTML, and MySQL

Third Edition

by Mike O'Kane

2014 $62.00 603 pp paper

Tags: Computer

A Web-Based Introduction to Programming is designed for use in introductory programming, programming logic and design, or Web programming courses, and for anyone seeking a painless way to learn the basics of programming by developing small Web applications. The book is clearly written, using consistent examples in every chapter and step-by-step descriptions of standard programming procedures. Each chapter follows precise learning outcomes that are accurately tested by the end-of-chapter quizzes and exercises.

A Web-Based Introduction to Programming keeps the focus on the need for beginning programmers to learn essential syntax and control structures with minimal complexity. Each chapter focuses on a single topic and related material is provided in appendices. Students learn to convert requirements into algorithms, and then develop small Web-based applications using a combination of PHP and HTML.

The chapter code exercises are designed to improve skill and confidence step-by-step:

  • Fixit exercises provide small programs that include a single error of some kind and help students develop their problem-solving abilities and debugging skills.
  • Modify exercises provide working programs that must be modified to perform a somewhat different or additional function. These exercises test students' ability to read, understand, and adapt existing code.
  • Code completion exercises allow students to apply all concepts and tools covered in the chapter by developing new applications.
  • All required software is provided and can be installed quickly and easily in minutes under Windows, Macintosh OS X or Linux. The software can be installed entirely on a USB drive so that students can carry their complete work environment with them (no need for special classroom installation).

The Web site includes all materials found on the CD, and also provides access to additional exercises, test banks, slide presentations, quiz solutions, code solutions, and other instructional resources.

"This is the best logic book I have ever had in over 25 years of teaching!"
— Bob Husson, Craven Community College

"I teach intro to programming and algorithms and I have used this book for three terms. It is excellent. The book's content leads students through the examples in a natural way that makes learning traditional programming concepts easy, and students retain the concepts. The coding exercises build upon each other from algorithms all the way through small PHP programs. As a teacher I highly recommend this book for students and instructors alike."
—Charlie Wallin, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

"The textbook, A Web-Based Introduction to Programming, was my first exposure to PHP. I could not have asked for a better introduction. The explanations, examples, and order of topics covered, made teaching and learning the basics of PHP a simple process. My students found the exercises and assignments at the end of each chapter fun but challenging. My only regret is that I did not discover this book sooner." — Joe Sherrill, Martin Community College (retired)

“One attractive feature of the text is the rapidity with which it moves from the very basic to more advanced concepts: before the reader knows, it is discussing databases and the basics of MySQL, and the subjects are presented in a smoothly-flowing way that is a pedagogic marvel. Plenty of code examples and exercises and several appendices with more in-depth discussions of some important subjects make this a recommended text for both classroom and self-study.” — ProtoView

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