Homeland Security

Policy and Politics

by Nancy E. Marion, Kelley Cronin, Willard M. Oliver

Tags: Homeland Security

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Homeland Security: Policy and Politics is written for anyone who wants to learn more about issues in Homeland Security. In this book, the authors provide an analysis of controversial issues facing those who work in, or who are interested in, this new and still emerging field. In each chapter, the authors tackle a different issue related to Homeland Security. One of those issues is the organization and role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in dealing with natural and man-made disasters. The costs of homeland security, and whether the expenditures are being spent wisely, is also discussed. Fusion centers, a new yet controversial approach to investigations, are the focus of another chapter. Other issues discussed in the book are intelligence-led policing, cyber security, and the use of torture at Guantanamo Bay.

Each chapter begins with an explanation of the issue at hand, with some basic background information on the issue. This summary is followed by an explanation about why the issue is controversial. The authors then present arguments on all sides of the problem, giving the reader a full understanding of the topic. It also helps the reader think critically about the controversy and allows them to form an opinion about the issue. While the chapters are short, they are also very comprehensive and easy to understand. The book is a perfect accompaniment to a basic text on homeland security and can lead to debate and discussion about this new field.

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"...a comprehensive backgrounder to some of the hotly contested issues born out of the post-9/11 security environment." — Suzzette Lopez Abbasciano, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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