The Big R

A Forensic Accounting Action Adventure

Third Edition

by D. Larry Crumbley, Edmund D. Fenton, Jr., Douglas E. Ziegenfuss

Tags: Accounting

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272 pp  $29.00

ISBN 978-1-61163-523-2
eISBN 978-1-5310-0926-7

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It's a factor calculated into all big-time sports operations. But baseball was completely unprepared for the risk this season — major league murder in the stands.

When Fleet Walker, internal auditor for the New York Yankees, figures out that the killers are striking on the anniversaries of perfect games, he becomes embroiled in a plot to hold the national pastime for ransom. Working with a forensic accountant and a FBI agent, he is on the trail of the killers, using his skills as an auditor and his knowledge of baseball history to try to save baseball and its fans.

This teaching novel is designed to supplement a forensic auditing, internal auditing, or fraud examination course. Topics covered include interviewing, internal controls, risk assessment, fraud detection, litigation support, forensic accounting consulting, and many more. Students will enjoy the suspense of this psychological thriller that integrates the fundamentals of forensic accounting and brings its applications to life, and they will learn important techniques and concepts as the mystery unfolds and Fleet Walker moves closer to nabbing the killers.

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