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Constitutional Law

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Constitutional Law

A Context and Practice Casebook

Revised Printing

by David Schwartz, Lori Ringhand

2013 $115.00 1186 pp casebound

Tags: Constitutional Law, Context and Practice Series

Teacher's Manual available

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This innovative casebook offers comprehensive coverage without backbreaking bulk, and allows you to teach constitutional law your own way, without having to fight the book. Using its unique electronic “Expansion Pack” system of supplemental modules, you can customize your course while still following the book’s structure. The book covers all the essential doctrines of Constitutional Law, streamlined into five parts of two chapters each. In addition to presenting the classic cases, the book gives instructors the opportunity to use practice problems, in-depth case studies, and non-case materials to explore real-world constitutional decision-making and enable students to approach the topic as practicing attorneys as well as legal thinkers. An array of "the constitution outside the courts" materials are provided, such as opinions from the Office of Legal Counsel, Congressional debates about judicial selection, and political science scholarship about judicial decision making. The book can be used for any general Con Law course, whether offered in the first semester or later, and whether it covers governmental structure, individual rights, or both. A full teacher's manual with electronic teaching notes and suggested syllabi is included.

This book is part of the Context and Practice Series, edited by Michael Hunter Schwartz, Professor of Law and Dean of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law.

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