Guns and the Law

Cases, Problems, and Explanation

by Andrew J. McClurg, Brannon P. Denning

Tags: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law

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ISBN 978-1-61163-538-6
eISBN 978-1-5310-0167-4

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McClurg (a gun-regulation supporter) and Denning (a gun-rights supporter) apply their decades of experience studying firearms policy and gun violence in this balanced, reader-friendly casebook addressing the contentious issues of guns in America. Through cases, problems, and provocative notes and questions, the book explores current federal and state gun laws, major constitutional cases, post-Heller Second Amendment litigation, modern self-defense rules such as Stand Your Ground laws, civil liability, gun laws in other countries, legal solutions to gun violence, and issues of guns and race, alienage, culture, and gender.

"In Guns and the Law, Andrew Jay McClurg and Brannon P. Denning deliver a balanced and comprehensive account of gun law and policy in the United States. This is an admirable achievement, especially given that so much gun discourse fails to engage with, or even acknowledge, contrary arguments and evidence. McClurg and Denning's book not only conveys a great deal of historical, political, legal, and practical information, but operationalizes that information by providing a framework with which to understand and debate it. Guns and the Law will be a standard reference for scholars, students, and other interested readers—a welcome addition to an area of scholarship and discourse that desperately needs more voices like McClurg's and Denning's." — Joseph Blocher, Professor at Duke University School of Law

To listen to the authors discuss gun regulation vs. guns rights on the Un-Uninformed podcast, click here.

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