Chinese Trademark Law

The New Chinese Trademark Law of 2014

by Paul Kossof

Tags: Business, Comparative Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, International Legal Practice Series, Trademark Law

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Chinese trademark law will change dramatically in May 2014 when the Third Revision of the Trademark Law institutes various changes, including increased statutory damages for trademark infringement, stronger trademark protections, and obligations on Chinese trademark agencies.

This book predicts how the new law will affect Chinese trademark practice and includes an appendix of all of the related laws as well as the first English translation of the new law. Most publications that discuss China's new trademark law provide a brief review of its most important amendments. This book goes several steps further by providing and analyzing each amendment in the new trademark law. It also includes practical advice for practitioners of Chinese trademark law.

This book facilitates readers' understanding of the new law by carefully categorizing and explaining each amendment and how it will change Chinese trademark practice. It also tailors itself to both non-Mandarin and Mandarin readers by providing in-depth English explanations and analysis as well as citing the original Mandarin language for each amendment.

This book launches a new CAP series of essential books for International Legal Practice and is recommended for international business and intellectual property lawyers as well as lawyers interested in Chinese law.

Paul Kossof's academic article The New Chinese Trademark Law, which is based on this book, won the 2014 Ladas Memorial Award from the International Trademark Association.

Paul Kossof was awarded the Global Legal Skills Scholarship and Book Award in recognition of his books that promote a better understanding of Chinese law and the Chinese legal system. The award was announced at the Global Skills Conference held in Melbourne, Australia, December 2018.