Policing the World

The Practice of International and Transnational Policing

Second Edition

by John Casey, Michael J. Jenkins, Harry R. Dammer

Tags: International/Comparative Crime, Law Enforcement

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ISBN 978-1-61163-570-6
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This new edition updates the first.

Crime threats are increasingly global and all police agencies must now routinely deal with transnational and international issues such as terrorism, e-crime, and human trafficking. Police officers often find themselves working closely with colleagues from other countries either as part of international investigations or on assignment with one of the increasing number of police contingents deployed in peacekeeping and capacity building roles.

This book covers the three key areas of the international dimension of policing: comparative policing and the creation of international "good practice" cooperative efforts to respond to emerging transnational and international crime threats; and peace operations and capacity building in post-conflict and transitional societies.

Praise for the first edition:

"Policing the World is a timely book on policing during a period of globalization in the political, economical, and educational arenas. This excellent book provides a clearly written overview of policing around the world in the early decades of the twenty-first century." — Michael J. Palmiotto, Wichita State University

"Policing is too important to be taken for granted! It is a vocation vastly different to most others in that it has the potential to seriously interfere with the lives and liberties of ordinary citizens. This scholarly work certainly acknowledges this and reinforces the importance of understanding policing in its different organizational and cross-cultural settings. Thorough and insightful, this book is a must for those of us who care about the role of police in society. It provides an appreciation of the many dimensions of international and transnational policing in the world today and its many challenges." — John Murray APM, BA, LLB, MBA, GCLP, former Chief Police Officer of the Australian Capital Territory

"This book covers hitherto uncharted areas and lucidly presents the critically important contemporary issues relating to transnational and international policing." — Dilip K. Das Ph.D., President of International Police Executive Symposium, Editor-in-Chief of Police Practice and Research: An International Journal (PPR), Human Rights Consultant to the United Nations, and Professor Criminal Justice

"In the growing literature on international policing, John Casey's Policing the World is a particularly useful contribution both in the breadth and the reach of its discussions. Casey broadly covers the entire field of international policing in reviewing comparative police systems and policing practices, international police organizations and the policing of international crimes, and the role of civilian police in peacekeeping. In view of its primary aim to reach college students, the book is supremely well organized through the use of central keywords, additional readings, and questions. Policing the World is a fine achievement to aid our understanding of international policing in many of its fascinating components." — Mathieu Deflem, University of South Carolina

"Professor Casey has introduced a wide-ranging and original treatment of the fast-changing, multifaceted world of international and transnational policing. Through the use of diverse case studies, this book introduces the reader in a clear, accessible way to the myriad forms policing is taking in the twenty-first century, and to the many challenges these changes present for governments, citizens, and police themselves." — Andrew Goldsmith, Executive Director and Professor of Law at Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention, University of Wollongong

"Policing the World by John Casey is a short, vivid, critical, and pedagogically inviting introductory book on the globalization of policing. It is the kind of book that fits wonderfully into the suitcase of a UN police peacekeeper who flies to his or her first mission." — Dominique Wisler, Consultant to the United Nations

"This text is a much needed, important and timely contribution to the rapidly growing challenge of international policing, not only because of its depth and diversity of coverage but because it addresses the reality of the implications, principles—and opportunities—associated with the practice of international policing." — Mick Palmer, former Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police and former member of the Executive Committee of Interpol

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